Move-easy is a young Danish company engaged in the developing of products offering exercise and also giving support when needed . The aim is also to protect the environment by using very efficient and environmental friendly energy sources.



Company idea

We work continiously on developing products offering new possibilities for movements and exercise adapted to individual needs.



Company values

The company is based on the following values.


  • Innovation
    We try via our products to bring new ideas to the market which can be patented and improved in a continuous process.
  • Quality
    All our products are of very high quality standard with a robust design very well tested.
  • Co-operation
    Our co-operation with customers, distributors and suppliers is based on trust , involving developing of new ideas,handling of warranty matters promptly, keeping delivery times and generally having high etical buisness standards.



We try to see every limitation as a challange to overcome and thereby finding solutions that will improve health and quality of life via exercise according to the help yourself principle.

Statements from golfers

"I have tried the Move-Easy El-Trolley for a some time, and it has fulfilled my expectations, offering the flexibility I have been looking for."



"I have tried the Move-Easy El-Trolley in wet,cold and hot conditions and it has always been able to make the full round even when when driving on courses with very steep hills.
I appreciate the possibility of always beeing able to walk or drive along with my walking partners thereby maintaining the social aspect of golf .
The easy way of transporting the trolley in a car is of great value as I can bring the trolley home and take it along to different golfcourses ." 







Environment health and wellness


As developers of an electrical-driven vehicle we are especially concious about our responsibility for the environment. As an example we only use Lithium-ion batteries of the type LiFePO4 which is the newest within the development of the batteries with a high energy concentration and environment friendly type of the battery with a long ligetime.

We save energy.




Whether it is on the golf course or other activities we support and encourage all types og healthy lifestyles. Daily physical activities and exercises are important for a good life and one hour a day is actually enough to maintain a good physical condition

Exercise gives physical health.




"Wellness comes from within" -and is naturally achieved via a healthy and active life. Appropriate challenges for the body and the soul, a good sense of humour and a positive view help to optimize your quality of life.

Healthy lifestyle gives physical health.


Product Develoment


Along with the manufacturing of our products follows a responsibility for the production. Therefore, we make demands on our partners.
MOVE-EASY ELECTRICAL TROLLEY is a patented product produced in Europe with approved components from quality conscious producers.

A product based on responsibility. 


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